Yanqi Island, Yanqi Lake, Huairou District,
101408 China

Neighbourhood: Huairou District

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Located on the island with a marina, the 110-room Yanqi Hotel, managed by Kempinski is designed with a combination of natural elements inspired by the surrounding landscape and exudes the richness of diverse world culture gathering in one harmonious place. Yanqi Hotel, managed by Kempinski ’s features include: guest rooms and suites ranging in size from 54-252 square metres; a 478-square-metre indoor swimming pool; five food and beverage outlets, as well as a ballroom and meeting rooms ranging in size from 31-590 square metres.  Guests seeking outdoor activities will not be disappointed with various options available. Yanqi Hotel, managed by Kempinski also showcases a water stage, where a host of events and activities takes place throughout the year.

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Mutianyu Great Wall
The Great Wall of China is located amongst orchards and pines in the northern Beijing mountains. The Wall was reconstructed at Mutianyu to keep out the nomadic tribes to the north. A short 60 kilometre-trip outside of Beijing, The Mutianyu Great Wall stands as a monument to both the strength and weakness of the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1627). Come learn, touch, and explore the history of the Wall built more than 609 years ago, yet which remains largely intact as it snakes endlessly across the mountain ridgelines.

Hongluo (Red Snail ) Temple
Located at the foot of Hongluo Mountains in the northern Huairou District, Hongluo (Red Snail) Temple sits against the backdrop of the mountain and fronted by a large lake and entrance gate marked by a large engraved pailou (arch). The building comprises five halls, each used for worshipping different gods. The temple is also famed for its bamboo grove which dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and contains tens of thousands of shoots. There are also Sakyamunis, 30-metre-high male and female gingkoes that are 1,000 years old, as well as an 800-year-old great pine entwined with two Chinese wisterias.

Yanqi Lake Amusement Park
Yanqi Lake Amusement Park is the place for aquatic amusement, sports and recreational activities, including large and luxurious ships, motorised dragon boats, speedboats, row boats, foot-peddle boats, archery, bungee rocker etc. In addition, guests may swim in the lake, take a boat tour or embrace the beautiful views from Wanghu Pavilion.

Water Rafting
There are several options for water rafting in Yanqi Lake including White River Bay Rafting in LiuliTown, Tang River Rafting in Tanghekou Town, North Beijing First Floating near Yunmengxianjing and Yongding River Valley Rafting in Guanting Town.

Baiquan Mountain
Baiquan Mountain, meaning 'hundreds of springs', is endowed with exceptionally imposing mountains, rich vegetation and a pleasant environment. Guests will witness stunning peaks, strange stones, graceful waters, magnificent waterfalls, thick woods, charming pools, and numerous springs and streams. In the summer, refreshing clear water can be found everywhere. In the winter, the scenic area affords an icy world with frozen waterfalls.